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MOD Pizza North Fontana

mod pizza

Written by Mr. Inland Empire

North Fontana was the place to be Saturday as yet another great shopping opportunity was welcomed into the Inland Empire. MOD Pizza opened its 2nd Inland Empire location Saturday and the atmosphere was electric. MOD Pizza known for the affordable create your own pizza experience had fans in a constant line showing up to experience all that MOD Pizza has to offer. Now were not going to give you everything in this one post we will tell you what we thought of the food that MOD puts out because you guys asked us to.

What we ordered:

  1. MOD Pizza #1 – Red sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, more mozzarella and parmesan cheese on top.
  2. MOD Pizza #2 – Red sauce, mozzarella, ham, red onion, artichoke, roasted cauliflower, tomato, and more mozzarella on top.
  3. MOD Salad – Spring mix lettuce, tomato, red onion, mushrooms, olives, blue cheese, parmesan cheese, garbanzo beans, croutons and ranch dressing.
  4. Cinnamon Sticks – MOD pizza dough cut into strips with cinnamon and sugar then baked in the oven served with chocolate sauce.
  5. Two Drinks and two chocolate milks :)

Now in full disclosure this was not our first trip to MOD Pizza we found them about a month ago at their first Inland Empire location in Redlands but we have never been unsatisfied. The pizza crust is a thin crust pizza with a crisp outside and a soft inside and the toppings lay perfectly on the pizza. The salad where I am not a fan of salad normally I ate three helpings of it was awesome and perfectly balanced, not to much dressing or olives just perfect. The Cinnamon Sticks are a great after pizza treat and the chocolate sauce is amazing (like chocolate can be anything else).

Now the drinks MOD offers your normal options of Coca Cola based soft drinks but they also have their own line of iced teas. Our table tried the Caramelized Pear ice tea and it was amazing. Not to sweet but full of rich flavor and not your everyday ice tea offering, actually typing about it is making me want one right now!!!!

MOD Pizza is a great place with great staff its like walking into a trendy In & Out the staff are all really helpful and happy. So were happy to report that no matter if its Fontana or Redlands you will not be disappointed with choosing MOD Pizza.

For locations go to

NFL High School Honor Roll Comes To The Inland Empire

ike gold footballs

“The golden football represents accomplishment,” said Terrell Davis. “It validates a lot of hard work that I put it in. The fact that no matter where you come from … it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.”

As part of the nationwide Super Bowl 50 celebration, the NFL started the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program to acknowledge schools and communities that have directly influenced Super Bowl history and impacted the game for the better.

High schools across the country, and around the globe, will be given a Wilson Golden Football for every player or head coach who graduated from the school and was on an active Super Bowl roster. More than 2,000 high schools and roughly 3,000 players and coaches will be recognized this season.

Eisenhower High School was lucky enough to be able to receive three of these coveted balls. Rialto has been the launching pad for three NFL players that reached the big game the SUPER BOWL. Rialto High School principal Scott Sparks is excited to have the opportunity to lead a school where so many young people have gone on to do great things. It is moments like these where you can say that Rialto Unified is producing the leaders of tomorrow.

See the full article here:

Escape Craft Brewery Celebrates It’s 1 Year Anniversary

Article Written By Mr Inland Empire

Now I don’t know about you, but when your excited to have made a major splash into a market that is already full of big players and found great success you have to throw a party. From the looks of things Fire Fighter turned Brew Master has one heck of a party in store for the public tomorrow February 6th from 1pm to 9pm.

What Does The IPhone vrs FBI Debate Teach Us?

If the recent battle between Law Enforcements Access to devices with potential criminal evidence and Americans right to privacy has taught us anything, it is that working with people who understand technology is VITAL!!!!

Apple is locked into a we stand with customers privacy concerns with the FBI. The question is could this battle have been avoided? Well today those of us in the media received our answer. In an effort to help the FBI with their investigation a county employee made things worse. Today San Bernardino County released a statement that a county employee had changed the password for the IPhone in an attempt to give access to investigators to the ICloud account. The only problem is anyone that truly understood the technology of today would have known that this would have casued a problem for information that was on the phone itself.

Here at Market Solution Services we preach to our clients and prostective clients that hiring a professional to handle the things you are not a master of is vital to business success. According to Apple if the county had not changed that password Apple would have been able to access the IPhone without creating the hacking software that has everyone so scared.

What people do not know but companies like Market Solution Services have been coming to the Marketing and Social Media rescue of local municipalities for the last few years as local governments have finally began to understand that private media firms have the tools that the existing employees do not.

We are here for you no matter what the project and we have a full team with valuable talents and resources to bring you to success. Join us on Social Media at the links below:

Great Ideas with Poor Results

When your good at something it shows and when you’re not the master of a particular domain that too can show. So how do you keep your weaknesses from dragging down your greatness? Link up with someone who is strong where you are weak. Here are some examples of how this can be done:

  1. A common way is husband/wife partnerships – One is good with customers the other is good with logistics. Where this tends to fail is running a business is hard, especially when it’s a new business. These hardships can ruin a new or weak relationship and cause the relationship to fail which devastates the business.
  2. Try and master your weaknesses – Hey who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? It’s an old saying but it still rings true but is the cost of learning to master a weakness really worth it? Sometimes it can benefit in the short and long term to try and master your weaknesses but a majority of the time it takes away from what you are already good at.
  3. Hire someone who knows how to support your weaknesses – This is an opportunity to take the parts of your business that you struggle at and let another person tackle for you. the only problem is are you hiring someone into your company where you must take on all that comes with an employee? Or do you look to an outside firm to incur costs of employees for you?

Here at David’s Marketing we can help you with all three examples, we can:

  1. Support your new or existing business when the strains of a husband and wife team seem to be tearing you apart.
  2. We can teach you how to excel at your weakness without your business taking a hit because your trying to do it all by yourself.
  3. Finally we can be that trusted source you turn to handle your weaknesses. We are inexpensive, cater to our small businesses, are strong in the areas of PR and Social Media Marketing & also have solutions for Website Development, Print Marketing (flyers, business cards), Marketing business proposals & event services.

We keep our prices low because we know that when we help you succeed it helps everyone succeed. This brings you back to us with new projects and helps everyone GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have an example below.


Credit Card Strategies

Marketing isn’t just getting yourself out to the public or networking with similar industries it’s also making sure you are adequately prepared to sustain and maintain. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

3 Strategies to Save Money on Credit Card Debt

Let’s say you charged $2,000 over the holiday season and the interest on your credit card is 12%. If you only make just the minimum payment, it will take you approximately 16 years (yes, years) to pay that credit card off. Getting rid of credit card debt not only increases your credit score, it’s a big relief to eliminate a payment, giving you extra money to spend or save. Here are 3 strategies to help you increase your overall credit to obtain a competitive interest on your home loan, auto loan, employment, etc:

  1. Pick just one credit card to pay off first: If you have several credit cards, consider adding as much money as you can to paying one off first and then tackle the rest. Here are two options to consider:
    • Credit Card with the lowest balance: Choosing this option will help boost your credit score because credit bureaus determine scores by the number of outstanding credit cards and the ratio of balances owed to your maximum credit limit.
    • Credit Card with the highest interest rate: Choosing this option will save you money in the long term. Review how much interest you have paid over the last 12 months compared to your other credit cards and see if this option makes more sense to you.

2. Call your credit card company: Sometimes a simple phone call is all it takes to get a lower interest rate. If you are a long-term customer with a good credit score and you have made your payments on time, you can usually get a couple of percentage points knocked off the rate. If you have recevied an offer of a lower rate by a competitor, mention that to the customer-service rep and there’s a chance they will match that offer, does not hurt to ask.

3. Consider Transferring Your Balances: You can save hundreds of dollars by transferring credit card balances from a higher interest rate to a lower one. However, it might just be a low, introductory rate that will only last for 12 to 18 months. Be cautious: Transfer your balance only if you are committed to paying off that credit card within the “low-rate window”; otherwise you may find yourself paying a higher rate than the one you paid on your old credit card.

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