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The Right Marketing Team For Inland Empire Businesses & Organizations!!!

We will carry you from beginning to end with success

David’s Marketing will take your company beyond

their wildest dreams.

We work for you, we are here when other wont be big or small we show up for our clients.

Social Media Marketing – Get Clickable!!!!!!!!!!

Are you really using Social Media to benefit your company or organization to its full potential? Most people don’t know that simple mistakes are hurting them most on social media where today’s customer is looking and shopping.

We can help you create, run and/or manage working social media solutions that will give you the edge you have been looking for. Don’t give up on social media customers be the one who grabs their attention.

Public Speaking/Marketing Presentations

Public Speaking

Here at Market Solution Services we have industry professionals speak to a wide variety of groups and organizations. We offer the following areas of public speaking opportunities:

  • Small Business Networking – We have secured the recipe for success when it comes to a better network and how to attain this more expansive network to draw resources and clients. These presentations are most common to Small Business Networking groups like chambers of commerce and other business friendly groups.
  • Community Awareness Workshops – We offer Subject Matter Experts in the area of community safety and awareness. Most communities are unaware of resources available to them offered by their local government, others need help creating an extension of existing resources to attain a certain level of safety and security. We have the professionals that can highlight resources you may be unaware of and assist you in building those needed extensions of safety and security. We work with many local public safety organizations and can bring public safety officials to workshops when needed.
  • Job Readiness Workshops – Through our sister organization Inland Empire Job Seekers created by Owner & Founder David Phillips we run a wide range of program options to assist primarily our young people just finishing high school or recently graduated. We run workshops with industry career professionals to help our young people find a career not just a job. we also run workshops that target how to apply for a job and ACE THE INTERVIEW. We also run resume workshops where we not only assist the job seekers with a resume but we also give them a Flash Drive & scan and store any important documents that they will need to apply online.

Public Relations (PR)

Here at Market Solution Services we have worked hard to create relationships within the Inland Empire that can and will directly effect your business for the positive. We have relationships with businesses we represent and those we dont represent. You will find us spreading the word about people we use as vendors or just local shops we use in our daily lives.  Market Solution Services knows the value of a good product, competive pricing & excellent service. Our primary mission is to support a healthy thriving economy here in the Inland Empire. Having this mindset we have secured clients from these very actions.

Our relationships don’t end in the relm of business.  Market Solution Services has relationships with local elected officalls from California State Government to local city councils. As well as all types of community groups, non-profits & Creative Artists.

Product Development – New oportunities

Have a new product? We can help you find markets & avenues to go down to make it the success you have dreamed of. Using our extensive industry contacts we can put you before oportunities you may have thought were farther down the road.

Exsisting products that have hit a platue? We can look over where your product has gone and look for ways to reach beyond where you have landed. We work with retail giants, PR firms and other marketing professionals. We are here for our clients so we work with other marketing professionals to help grow business market share in the Southern Ca Region.


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